A grand arrival set for the Grand Banks 85

The grandest motor yacht built by iconic US boatbuilder Grand Banks is set to join the range line up very soon. The GB85 will take on design features from the recently released GB60, and offer the option of a flybridge or a climate-controlled sky lounge. A 22-foot beam ensures huge versatility for lavish entertaining or relaxing at sea with friends and guest, but what else can you expect from the new arrival, well the WSB team take a closer look at the soon to be crowned GB85 flagship to see what’s what.

Grand Banks 85

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Good times ahead in the new Palm Beach GT50

Palm Beach started the 2019 season under a wave of new creative enthusiasm for a new line of yachts, branded as the GT series. The first of the new exciting line up is the GT50, later to be joined by a proposed GT60 and GT70. “For me, the GT50 represents a merger of 35 years of boatbuilding passion and design experience to create a very exciting new series, with a clear goal of creating the most efficient powerboat in the world today. Watch this space for more.” – Palm Beach Motor Yachts CEO Mark Richards.

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Its a grand day for cruising in the new Grand Banks 50 Eastbay

The all-new 50 Eastbay is the company’s latest addition to its “Down East” series of luxury performance motoryachts, and will be available in both salon-express and flybridge versions. The assertive, fluid lines of the 50 Eastbay and its dynamic new profile represent an exciting evolution in style for the entire series.

Grand Banks 50 Eastbay
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Another grand entrance from two new models from Grand Banks the 46 Eastbay FB and 76 Aleutian RP

Grand Banks Yachts have unveiled two new models: the 46 Eastbay FB, a flybridge version of its Zeus-powered Down East cruiser, and the 76 Aleutian RP, set to be the largest and most luxurious motor yacht in the company’s growing lineup. The 76RP features the same proven Tom Fexas hull design and timeless exterior styling shared by other yachts in the raised-pilothouse Aleutian Series. But this newest model also introduces a brand new interior design that is more contemporary and European in flavor than any of its predecessors.

Grand Banks 76 Aleutian RP

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Dont save money, bank it in the Grand Banks 46 Eastbay SX

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Since 1956, Grand Banks Yachts, Ltd. has built yachts of superior quality that have become industry hallmarks and earned a loyal following around the world. Renowned for their handmade craftsmanship, distinctive good looks, and tried and true all-weather capabilities,

Grand Banks Yachts celebrated the international debut of its new 46 Eastbay SX here today at the 2010 Eurasia Boat Show. Like many of its new models, the 46SX combines timeless nautical styling with new and innovative technologies, a combination that has won strong acclaim for the company in markets around the world.

Chief among those new technologies is the Zeus propulsion system from Cummins MerCruiser Diesel. With joystick docking control, reduced noise and emissions, superior maneuverability and improved fuel efficiency, the twin Zeus pod drives deftly complement the powerful performance of the Eastbay Series.

In factory sea trials with standard twin 600-horsepower diesels, the 46SX has reached top speeds of well over 30 knots.

The 46SX is the second Grand Banks to offer Zeus pod drives, after the trawler-styled 41 Heritage EU that launched in 2008. Like the 41EU, this new Eastbay was designed to take full advantage of the Zeus system and its compact footprint to open up more room for accommodations.

As a result, owners can opt for a two- or even three-cabin layout in the 46SX, a noteworthy feature for a vessel of this size. “All three are honest-to-goodness cabins, not glorified lockers with a berth laid on” said Neil McCurdy, Vice President of Sales and Service for Grand Banks.

“There’s even a utility room down below for added storage, plus the option to add a washer-dryer unit or a refrigerator-freezer. I think owners will be delighted with every single aspect of this new Eastbay.”

The 46SX continues the stylish evolution that other recent models have brought to the Eastbay Series. Owners can choose from a standard galley-down layout, or a unique galley-up version that maintains plenty of seating in the salon.

Class-leading amenities include standard Stidd helm seats, granite countertops, and handcrafted teak throughout. With an optional power sunroof, and a standard aft salon window that disappears at the touch of a button, the bright and airy salon opens gracefully to the aft cockpit where built-in seating and hand-laid teak add to the comfort and luxury.

One feature that has not changed on the new 46SX is her hull design. Like all previous models in the series, this newest Eastbay uses the same C.R. Hunt Associates-designed hull that has won broad acclaim for its solid, seaworthy handling.

“We have devoted considerable time and research to making the new 46SX a top performer in all respects, from handling and speed to reliability and seaworthiness, style and comfort,” said McCurdy. “We’ve been very impressed by the Zeus drive performance in our 41EU, and are excited to bring it now to the Eastbay Series. It opened up all kinds of opportunities to make this an ideal boat for both new and current Grand Banks owners.”

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Picture and content release courtesy of Grand Banks Yachts

Grand Banks launches two new models at Fort Lauderdale 2009 boat show

The luxury trawler yacht builder Grand Banks has a fantastic heritage and is still at the cutting edge of classic boat design and building. Grand Banks announced the arrival of 2 new models to the ranges and set Fort Lauderdale boat show as the launch platform to show them off.


Reported by Grand Banks:

Grand Banks Yachts kicked off the 2009 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show with a strong lineup of models in each of its Heritage, Eastbay and Aleutian Series, plus announcements about two new yachts that will launch early next year. The company chose this event to reveal an early look at the new 46 Eastbay SX, the first model in the Down East-styled Eastbay Series to feature Zeus pod-drives from CMD. With standard twin 600-horsepower diesels, the 46SX has predicted top speeds of over 30 knots, with improved handling and fuel economy thanks to the Zeus propulsion system. The 46SX also offers a three-stateroom layout option, a noteworthy feature for a vessel of this size. “Like the 41EU before her, this boat was designed around the Zeus drive system,” said Neil McCurdy, Vice President of Sales and Service for Grand Banks. “That compact footprint opens up a lot of extra space for interior accommodations. I think owners will be delighted with every single aspect of this new Eastbay.” Grand Banks also shared more news about its new 53 Aleutian RP, a luxury raised-pilothouse model that will also launch in early 2010. The company recently marked the sale of Hull #1, before it was even out of its molds, and expects to secure more sales during the Lauderdale show. This year’s boat show features popular models in each of Grand Banks’ three yacht series: the 59 Aleutian RP, the 39 Eastbay SX, and the Zeus-powered 41 Heritage EU. The trawler-styled 41EU made its international debut at last year’s Lauderdale show; since that time it has sold into markets from Korea to Canada, America to Australia and beyond, gathering strong reviews all along the way. The 41EU is one reason that despite an economic slump affecting much of the marine industry, Grand Banks remains strongly positioned to weather the financial storm for this season and well into the future. “We’re fortunate in a number of ways, despite the current market conditions,” said GB president and CEO Rob Livingston.


“Grand Banks continues to be among the most highly regarded brands anywhere. We have an incredible team of people and a growing dealer network. Our cash reserves are strong, and the company continues to invest in improving our yachts and our processes every day.” Earlier this week, Grand Banks hosted its 2009 Dealer Meeting here in Fort Lauderdale, with new dealerships in attendance including those from Greece, Australia, and the Pacific Northwest. The event was also an opportunity to recognize the top-performing GB dealers, including overall winner Grand Banks Italia in Orbitello, Italy. Winners in North America included Boatworks Yacht Sales (East Coast) and Stan Miller Yachts (West Coast). About Grand Banks – Since 1956, Grand Banks Yachts, Ltd. has built yachts of superior quality that have become industry hallmarks and earned a loyal following around the world. Renowned for their handmade craftsmanship, distinctive good looks, and tried and true all-weather capabilities, Grand Banks yachts continue to be the choice of discerning boaters today. Learn more about the company and its Heritage, Eastbay, and Aleutian series yachts at grandbanks.com.


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