Fantasic four and their fifth member, Ferretti 800

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Innovation is the key word which has always distinguished  Ferretti yachts. Over the years, innovation within the spheres of technology, design and style have enabled the Ferretti brand to become one of the most representative on the market, not only in the nautical industry, but more generally as an Italian-made product worldwide. Innovation, combined with a classical-contemporary design able to encourage change in the sector and destined to influence its future trends.

Following this approach, with Ferretti 800, designed by architect Gianni Zuccon from Studio Zuccon International Project and Ferretti Groups AYT Advanced Yacht Technology, the shipyard continues to renew its range, combining the original Ferretti Yachts style with both exploration and re-examination in the spheres of planning and design.

The resulting yacht features generous interior spaces and a layout which is characteristic of larger yachts, combined with a winning external line, enriched by the use of colour, in which large glazed surfaces are a characterising element of the external design, guaranteeing exceptional lighting inside, too.

The external profile of Ferretti 800 features two basic novelties: the use of the colour bronze for the dome and the graphic lines of the glazing characterised by the alternation of sinuous curves and decisive cuts. The main deck is almost entirely lit through the windows, guaranteeing maximum external visibility. Three shark branchiae windows are a distinctive feature of some Ferretti Yachts models, almost as if to reaffirm their affinity with marine elements.

The lower deck features several new solutions produced through cutting-edge designs developed by the AYT, guaranteeing an extraordinary amount of lighting for yachts in this segment on the lower deck, too. The two large open view windows of the master cabin have been further enlarged, whilst two large new concept windows with portholes which can be opened have been fitted in the guest area, guaranteeing excellent functionality.  From the outside, the overall view of this yacht gives the idea of a lightweight, highly elegant model, with a sporty touch: the bronze dome makes the profile more aggressive, and can be completed upon the owners request with a hard top which can be opened.

The spacious cockpit features teak flooring, and is furnished with a large sundeck bench with reclining back which can be transformed into a seat for the table, complete with small armchairs. Access to the flying bridge is provided by the stairway on the right, where there is a large dining area with a U-shaped table, grill area and fridge, whilst towards stern there is a large sundeck.

 The crane permits housing of the tender, for which there is a special space on the fly. At bow, on the left hand side, there is the external steering position, raised to guarantee better vision. To the right is another sundeck and the stairway to the salon. Ferretti 800 is available in a hard top version, too with a sliding, electrically opened awning. At bow on the main deck, Ferretti 800 features an alternative, highly comfortable living solution, typical of  maxi yachts: besides a large sundeck, a spacious, semicircular area has been created, furnished with a  large table and seating, where owner and guests can relax in complete privacy.

For the interiors of Ferretti 800 Studio Zuccon International Project found innovative design solutions for a yacht of this size. The area destined for the crew has been moved to the extreme bow, making it possible to optimise the space available to owner and guests, and increase privacy.

The increased amount of glazed surfaces make light a leading feature in each and every area, enhancing the natural shades of the interiors and increasing on-board comfort. Besides the master cabin, in the night area which is set out on a single level -there are also two double bedded VIP cabins, of which one with beds which can be separated, and a guest cabin with overlapping beds. Transfer of the night access area to the right compared with the central axis of the yacht, has made it possible to create more spacious cabins. Moreover, each one has considerable natural light and an extraordinary sea view thanks to the new windows.

The large salon is immersed in the light which filters in through the large windows and warms this area, characterised by the nuances of the materials chosen for the furnishings and the elm wood. The space has been skilfully managed to create two distinct areas living and dining whilst still maintaining harmonious continuity, and avoiding interruptions to the view. The living area features a newly designed set out, with two sofas which can be positioned freely along the line of the walls. The right hand sofa is L-shaped, complete with chaise longue and armchair, and a low coffee table. To the left there is the television with a foldaway pop-up system. The dining area is located on the same level, with a Bonaldo crystal table and seats for eight guests. The wall opposite the lunch table, which can open up onto the bridge on the left by means of glass doors, separates the day area from the control area. Towards the right, there is the sliding door providing access to the bridge, the galley and the crew area, and a unit with shelves.

The layout of Ferretti 800 is thus inspired by larger yachts, and is highly innovative for an 80 footer, making the various different areas even more useful, and defining new on-board routes. There is also the opportunity to join or separate the different areas. In fact, besides the new type of division between the guest and crew areas, it is also possible to separate the salon from the bridge by means of a sliding door, and isolate the control area from the galley for reserved use of the bridge studio. The stairways to the lower bridge and flying bridge have been positioned to the right. 

The helm station is located to the left, in a raised position with a door leading to the outside. To starboard there is an access area with the second door to the outside, followed by a convenient dinette/studio with two small sofas, which also doubles up as a charting table. The position of the galley has been rationally moved to the bow in the crew area in a lowered position and can easily be reached from the various different areas. The galley, designed by Ernestomeda has been planned so every single space is used, one example of this being the breakfast bar with stools which provides an extra surface in addition to the dinette. The bar area can be isolated from the galley by means of glazing featuring an electrical lift-up system. The warm shades of the cocoa coloured polished lacquered furniture alternate with the cold shades of the white shelving, resulting in a bright environment, thanks to the windows in deckhouse. This area provides access to the night area for the crew, featuring a single-bedded cabin and a twin-bedded cabin with overlying beds, both with en-suite heads.

On the lower deck, the cabins of Ferretti 800, set in the central section of the yacht and on a single level, feature large spaces and are naturally lit. The master cabin is full beam and positioned towards the stern, with the bed oriented in the direction of sailing, and two large open view windows. To the right, a sliding door provides access to the large head, with teak, lined maple flooring and a large separate sensory shower column. To the left, underneath the window, is a comfortable sofa. A spacious walk-in wardrobe, a vanity unit and LCD TV integrated into the wall, complete the furnishings.

Continuing towards the bow, a VIP cabin is located to the left, with a double bed which can be transformed into two singles, positioned under the window, and en-suite head. Opposite this, separated by the access area, is the guest cabin with beds which are crossed and overlapping, where the lower one is slightly larger than a single bed. This cabin also features a large window and en-suite head. Towards the bow is the main VIP cabin, with a double bed set opposite to the direction of sailing, double wardrobes and an en-suite head.

Innovation has also been applied to the materials used on board Ferretti 800, giving each environment a feeling of refinement and painstaking attention to detail. The new design trend, both external and internal, also reflects in a renewed choice and careful use of elements of decor such as wood, leather, fabrics, and lighting. Natural colours dominate on board, with neutral parts verging on optical white to brighten up the contrast and give greater brilliance to the warm shades of the elm wood, the leather and the mlange wall fabrics verging on beige.

In the salon, as indeed in the lunch area and on the bridge, walnut, lined maple flooring can be laid, which creates a geometric, chromatic game with the white of the free-standing sofa. Leather details can be added to all areas on the owners request, to give the interiors more character, e.g. the curtain holders, the shelves of some of the furniture, the ceilings, the panels of the bulkhead separating this area from the bridge. The low Flexform table in the living area is also in harmony with this style, with a metal structure and leather covered drawers. Natural shades are also maintained in the master cabin, and an alternation of materials has been created to produce continuity between the various surfaces, a chromatic connection in which the sensation of wellbeing increases thanks to the natural light which filters through the huge windows overlooking the sea. The shipyard has also made a careful technical study of the lighting, integrated with the layout of the yacht. It has developed LED lighting for the interiors characterising some of the areas and guaranteeing total on-board comfort and relaxation.

The Ferretti 800’s bigger brother is in video action below:

Ferretti 800 features twin MAN 1800 engines which drive the hard top version of the yacht to a top speed of 31 knots and a cruising speed of 25 knots, respectable for a yacht of this size and quality. Ferretti continue to drive their range forward through innovation and simplistic design ensuring strong recognition within this market.

Check out the Manufacturer and owner views of the Ferretti 800 at

Content and picture release courtesy of Ferretti Yachts.

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