Boat of the Year 2012

Our boat of the Year the Azimut 55 S – As voted by our readers the winner of the WSB Boat of the Year for 2012

Welcome to the new vision from Azimut yachts, the launch of their new wave of innovation through design and technology spawns the new 55 S. You may say that the 55S follows the Italian principle of form over function, however, the 55S packs a mighty punch and delivers class-leading innovation which ensures that Azimut continues to challenge their own aspirations, but also those of the competition. We take a look at some of the design and technology features that the 55 S can boast.

Azimut 55 S

Triple Pod Transmission

Azimut 55S

The triple pod drive installation equipped with supercharged and turbocharged engines for maximum performance. Smaller in dimension and lower in weight when compared to traditional shaft-drive configurations. Engines located at the aft of the vessel, thereby freeing up large amounts of space now available to enhance onboard liveability.

Azimut 55 S

Duo forward-facing and counter-rotating propellers, eliminate vibration, maximise thrust and neutralise directional deviation. Forward-facing props maximise efficiency from undisturbed waters compared to turbulence generated by fixed shaft underwater gear.

Azimut 55S

New Transom Pivoting System

Azimut 55 S

The stern garage door is a single integral structure combining the swim platform. When opened, the garage door exposes the 2-metre wide teak-laid swim platform which may be submerged and disappears beneath the stern. With an additional movement,  the garage door may be further inclined to launch and recover the jet tender.

Azimut 55 S

Carbon Fibre Structures

Azimut 55 S

In order to reduce weight and improve performance, innovative hi-tech construction materials such as carbon-fibre are utilised, strengthening floor panels and other structural elements.

Azimut 55 S

The overall result is that structural bulkheads of the master cabin, engine room, garage and the whole overall superstructure boast greater solidity and strength and ensuring high-level performance.

Azimut 55 S

Integrated Garage for Jet Tender

Azimut 55S

The garage structure is entirely moulded out of carbon-fibre and offers optimal storage for a Williams 285 Jet Tender. The development of a specialised tender hauling and launching system offers ease-of-use and safety to the end-user.

Azimut 55 S

One of the most interesting aspects of the new 55s is the bow design, a completely new direction from Azimut and maybe a design feature that will spearhead the future look and feel to their S range line up.

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