The largest Mega-Yacht takes to the ocean “Azzam”

Its official, Mega-Yacht ‘Azzam’, built by German firm Lurssen has become the largest Mega-Yacht of them all and dwarfs Roman Abramovich‘s Mega-Yacht ‘Eclipse’ by some 57 feet. The newly-crowned world’s largest Mega-Yacht took the seas at a cost of £400million (€462m) and measuring a staggering 590ft long. Azzam was officially unveiled in April, but was seen by ‘yachtspotters’ being tested on the North Sea at the weekend.


The megayacht is believed to have been ordered by a Middle-Eastern billionaire. It can travel in excess of 30 knots with power coming from a combination of two gas turbines and two diesel engines with a total of 94,000 horsepower. Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi was the engineer behind the megayacht, assembling a team to work on the ultra-sophisticated project. He was told by the yacht’s secret buyer to built a vessel which was innovative and had a timeless design which would be able to travel at high speed and in shallow waters.

Azzam 4

Peter Seyfferth, from, said: ‘During the three days of trials, Azzam reached an amazing top speed of 31.5 knots, making her not only the longest but also by far the fastest megayacht  in the world. ‘Such a speed is absolutely exceptional for a yacht of this size.


‘Her elegant, sleek lines are another feature which distinguish Azzam from all the other yachts above 150 metres.’ Azzam, which took three years to make, boasts 94,000 horsepower, thanks to a combination of two gas turbines and two diesel engines. The exterior design, which has been described as ‘surprisingly slender’ was carried out by Nauta Yachts with interior designer Christophe Leoni working on Azzam’s inside.


The size of superyachts has grown as billionaires compete to own the largest and its builders boast that Azzam, which means dedication in Arabic, is the ‘most complex and challenging yacht that has ever been built’. The firm’s Peter Lurssen said: ‘She truly represents another milestone in yachting history.’ Little is known about the interior of the yacht, which will require a staff of 50 and will be delivered to its owner later this year.

Azzam 3

But it is likely to match the luxury of Abramovich’s Eclipse, which features an armour-plated master suite, two swimming pools, two helipads, a hall, a cinema, a mini-submarine and even its own missile defence system.

Azzam 2

Azzam’s design suggests it has been built for a buyer in the Middle East as it has about 50 suites but no large open spaces on deck, said TheYachtPhoto’s Peter Seyfferth,
‘It is unlikely it will leave its dock very often. It is more of a question of prestige, to have the world’s largest yacht.’
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One Comment on “The largest Mega-Yacht takes to the ocean “Azzam”

  1. Sleek, but nothing for the outdoors ? So much for exorbitant boredom. The perfect “Gin palace” we call that in Hong Kong where owners barely leave the aircon environment. But then Gin isn’t the drink in favor with these waters. We imagine whats going on this $ show off is to remain private.


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