Look to the skies in the new Galeon 430 Skydeck

Look to the skies and you may catch a glimpse of the new Galeon 430 Skydeck shooting by. It’s the newest representative for the third generation of Galeon yachts. The refreshing top deck design, called the Skydeck, combines the benefits of both the Fly and hardtop versions. The WSB team take a look behind the Skydeck, a new word for fly-bridge?


Three forward facing seats and two sundecks provide ample room for the passengers while maintaining a distinguishable, sleek look of the yacht. A wide sunroof opens over the helmsman station while an automatic, drop down ladder allows easy access to the deck without compromising any of the cockpit space.

Galeon 430 Skydeck

The modular aft design will enable to effortlessly turn the cockpit sundeck into separate loungers or a dinette with a pop up table. This convenient solution helps utilize the available space in a most effective manner, creating five completely different layouts in a matter of seconds. The extended hydraulic stern platform will be appreciated by all water paraphernalia enthusiasts.

Galeon 430 Skydeck

The main deck offers a well planned and meticulously finished interior with a sizeable dinette, galley and an elevated helmsman station. Down below three cabins and two bathrooms ensure privacy and comfort for all passengers. The port side cabin can be turned into a galley creating even more space on the main deck. All cabins offer sufficient headroom and plenty of storage for longer cruises.

Galeon 430 Skydeck

A wide variety of propulsion options include the IPS, shaft, sterndrive, Aquadrive and Axius systems to suit all needs. High power output engines will realize the yacht’s potential and help take advantage of the precise and accurate handling, while others will be more focused on comfort and fuel efficiency.

Galeon 430 Skydeck

High quality fabrics, luxury fittings and top of the line electronic equipment create a stunning and relaxing interior. Various distinct design lines and materials are available for better customisation and personalisation of the yacht.

Galeon 430 Skydeck

Length of the hull (m): 11,79
Length overall (m): 12,50/13,25***
Beam of the hull (m): 4,10
Beam overall (m) :: 4,16
Draft max. (canoe body) (m): 0,80
Crew limit: 12
Fuel tank capacity (dm3): 2x 550
Water tank capacity (dm3) :: 450
Mass of Light Craft Condition (kg): 12000
Maximum Load (kg): 2600
Min. engine (-s) power (kW/HP): 2×162/220
Max. engine (-s) power (kW/HP): 2×310/435
Category: B

Galeon Owner views at the ILBC www.worldsportsboats.ning.com

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