Princess F50

The new Princess F50 joins Princess Yachts’ award-winning F Class range, continuing the expansion across market segment sizes. The Princess F50 follows the F45, new F55, F62 and the forthcoming F65 as part of the Princess flybridge range. The F50 shares many core F Class qualities with the ability to apply bespoke semi-custom design specs inside and out. The WSB team look closely at this new arrival from the Plymouth-based shipyard.

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Wellcraft 355

For over six decades, Wellcraft has been a strong performer in sports boating, with a strong history of power and performance. The arrival of the Wellcraft 355 expands their offer with a new range of purpose-built craft for all adventures, in all types of weather, providing a new perspective and enthusiasm for those that want a little more excitement. The WSB team take a closer look at this new arrival.

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Wallypower 58

Unveiled in Venice and then at the Monaco Grand Prix 2022 the all-new Wallypower 58 sets a new standard in elegance and launches the next generation of the iconic range. The wallypower58 might at first appear to be a departure from the typical look of yachts in the brand’s celebrated line, but on closer inspection, its aesthetic represents a beautiful echo of an icon. The WSB team take a closer look at the new arrival.

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Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL

The Arcadia Yachts Sherpa 80 XL is a 24-metre yacht that brings a unique blend of superyacht and eco-expedition yacht characteristics together in perfect harmony, resulting in over 220 square metres of luxurious and innovative technology for the modern-day yacht. The WSB team take a closer look at this unique blend and discover its many hidden features.

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The Motopanfilo 37M is a yacht suspended in time, an example of classicism projected into the future. This elegant and modern composite displacement boat satisfies the tastes and needs of contemporary owners but has its roots in the design of the Benetti motor yachts of the 60s, of which it incorporates the gentle and distant fashions, yielding much larger spaces in bright and constant visual contact with the sea. The WSB team take a closer look at this modern classic.

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Fjord 41 XL

Fjord’s latest open sports cruiser the 41 XL has a unique modular approach that redefines design layout. Fjord state “The customer becomes the chief designer of their own yacht thanks to a unique modular configuration on deck and a variable interior design.” A new hull was developed to implement this ground-breaking concept, featuring the world’s largest T-top. In addition to outstanding sun protection, this creates the space for a top-class interior and deck design. The WSB team take a closer look into the 41 XL.

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Tiara EX 60 Flagship

Tiara Yachts, the family-owned manufacturer of American-made luxury watercraft, announced its new inboard powered flagship yacht, EX 60, the largest inboard model Tiara Yachts has ever built. Design and innovated for cruising, entertaining and enjoying water sports, each EX 60 configuration reflects the customisation options that owners can build into their boating lifestyle. The EX 60 model is set to have its world debut later this year.

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Azimut Magellano 30 Metri

Launched in January at Viareggio, the first Magellano 30 Metri flagship is the ultimate expression of Azimut Yacht’s pioneering spirit. The new 30 metri is designed for the experienced owner and connoisseur who plans to enjoy long-distance voyages, whatever the weather conditions and in a constant dialogue with the sea. The Magellano 30 Metri boasts unprecedented seakeeping qualities and a design that offers a view of both the sky and the sea from every point on the yacht. Eco friendly nature is at the heart of the Magellano 30 with sustainability-related choices that aim to reduce the yacht’s environmental impact.

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Azimut 68 Flybridge

The Azimut 68 is the newest model to join their flybridge collection, offering a choice of three interior layouts, and catered for a wide range of lifestyles. The combination of carbon fiber and innovative hull design puts the 68 at the forefront of the shipyards technology programmes. The 68 had its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 to a much anticipated crowd. Designed in collaboration with Alberto Mancini for the exteriors and Achille Salvagni for the interiors, Azimut gives owners increasingly bespoke solutions for such sports yachts, typically aquanted with much larger yachts. The WSB team take a closer look at this new arrival from Azimut.

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