Boat of the Year 2022

Welcome World Sports Boats readers, it’s that time again for our Boat of the Year award which is now in its 11th year.

12 of the most exciting boat launches in 2022 are waiting for your vote to decide an overall winner.

Take your time before you cast your judgment, the 12 boats listed are counting on you.

Study the shortlist below and make your vote at the bottom of the page.

The winner of the “Boat of the Year 2022” will be announced on 1st March 2023

Happy Voting!

WSB Team

Congratulations to the Wallypower 58, voted Boat of the Year 2022 – Winner

Congratulations to the Fairline Phantom 65, voted Boat  of the Year 2022 – Runner-up

Thank you to all of our readers that took part in the vote.

1. January boat of the month – Ferretti 860

Ferretti 860

2. February boat of the month – Fairline Phantom 65 – Runner-up

Fairline Phantom 65

3. March boat of the month – Maritimo S60

Maritmo S60

4. April boat of the month – Sunseeker Predator 65

Sunseeker Predator 65

5. May boat of the month – Austin Park 85

Austin Parker 85

6. June boat of the month – Wallypower 58 – Winner 

Wallypower 58

7. July boat of the month – Segue 62 Fly

Segue 62 Fly

8. August boat of the month – Azimut S7 Sport

Azimut S7

9. September boat of the month – Riviera 465 SUV

Riveria 465 SUV

10. October boat of the month – Lazzara LSX 67

Lazzara Yachts LSX 67

11. November boat of the month Riva 76 Bahamas

Riva 76 Bahamas

12. December boat of the month Princess F50

Princess F50

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