Stepping onboard the GB85 will surely envoke a sense of occasion. Premium options such as a segment challenging full-beam master stateroom, boasting a large double ensuite, or a 4-cabin layout, spacious enough to sleep up to 9 people comfortably will attract a fair bit of attention in this class of yacht.
Grand Banks 85
In the factory the hull mould is well underway, with all framework now assembled and the preparation of the mould surface has now also commenced. GB recently upgraded its in-house robot facility which is now fully operational and will soon be used to cut the deck plug for the GB85 offering improved efficiency and a high degree of accuracy.
Grand Banks 85

Grand Banks embraces a modern approach towards boat building in combination with traditional tricks of the trade, which their experts have finessed over the years. Grand Banks designer, John McKay, explains the build ideology:

“We are combining the benefits of traditional boat building with world leading technology to reduce production time and improve the quality of our products.”

The GB85 puts forward exactly that, with the factory using a combination of hand-built and robot-built methods which have sped up the initial development of the moulding process. The topsides were finished in May and the official GB85 launch is assumed to be in late 2019, we can’t wait!

Just to whet the appetite, here is a reminder of those design features from the GB60 that could find there way onto the GB85.