Sunseeker 130 Predator

The grand entrance of the Sunseeker Predator 130 super yacht is set to be a spectacle at this years Southampton Boat show.

Set to steal the show the beautiful Predator 130 is a testament to Sunseeker’s endless search of perfection in its sports yachts however this time they have broken the mould to produce a 126 footer super yacht with the ability to travel long distances and at speed.

Built on a 3 deck platform the Predator 130 will provide customers with a range of individual customised options to ensure their Predator is like no other.

The Predator 130 can provide ample space for 10 guests and 8 crew members and has the ability to cruise for long periods of time however she is no couch potato either the predator figures are eye opening.

The Predator 130 can be powered by 3 engine options form MTU,

Option 1 2 x MTU 12v 4000 M93 (3140bhp/2340kw) on shafts

Option 2 2 x MTU 12v 4000 M93l (3460bhp/2580kw) on shafts

Option 3 2 x MTU 16v 4000 M93 (4185bhp/3120kw) on shafts

Our choice would be engine option 3, giving the Predator 130 a mouth watering 42 knot top speed and that’s from a super yacht 126ft in length!

The Predator 130 makes a bold statement she is palatial in scale and matchless in performance and her design from the outside will have onlookers in ore.

Sunseeker’s very heritage in boat building can be seen within the design and function of the Predator 130 equally the use of cutting edge technologies and practices ensure that Sunseeker stays ahead of the field in boat design and build.

Check out the Predator owners video at

6 Comments on “Sunseeker 130 Predator

  1. Had a lucky chance to look round this yacht at the London Boat Show and she is a fantastic credit to how far Sunseeker have come and you can see why they are among some of the best builders in the industry when you on board.
    Great review too!


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