Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL

The Arcadia Yachts Sherpa 80 XL is a 24-metre yacht that brings a unique blend of superyacht and eco-expedition yacht characteristics together in perfect harmony, resulting in over 220 square metres of luxurious and innovative technology for the modern-day yacht. The WSB team take a closer look at this unique blend and discover its many hidden features.

Making its debut at this year’s Venice boat show, Arcadia Yachts will showcase one of its most successful models, Sherpa 80 XL, a 24-metre yacht with a beam of 7 metres that embodies the brand’s most appealing points of strength.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Running 1

“The Venice Boat Show is gaining in importance each year because many visitors prefer it to the autumn shows, making it an opportunity to diversify and extend the target of potential owners,” said Francesco Ansalone, Arcadia Yachts’ Marketing and Communications Director, who added:  “thanks to an ongoing dialogue with owners, combined with our ability to customise their requests and transform our successful design into their unique yacht, every vessel we produce and deliver, gives us ideas and helps us identify improvements and new solutions, both large and small, based on feedback from the people whose lived experience of the boat is intense and intimate.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Running

As a Boutique Yard, we continue to introduce practical solutions that increase wellbeing on board, making Arcadia Yachts products ever more appealing and with ever shorter delivery times”.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Running 3

This model is an ideal yacht for an onboard living experience characterised by privacy and comfort. It is designed for all owners whose priority is to share their space and time with friends and family, a trend that has become increasingly important in recent years, reflecting a heartfelt desire for intimacy, affection, relaxation and contact with nature. 

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Exterior 5

The large windows not only offer a breathtaking view but can also be opened to allow the owner and guests to enjoy the sea breeze even when in the sky lounge. The yard believes that truly respecting nature is essential in both exterior and interior spaces, not only to enjoy the benefits this brings in terms of wellness, but also to limit the impact on the environment.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Running 4

Arcadia Yachts’ participation in the Venice Boat Show confirms the explosive growth reported by the shipyard, for which this is a period of spirited negotiations and important changes, not least due to the drive for greater production internationalisation based on feedback from Dubai, the United States and the Asia Pacific region, which join the brand’s traditional markets of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Australia. 

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Exterior 6

After Venice, the shipyard founded by Ugo Pellegrino will, of course, go on to take part in the industry’s most important upcoming international events, where it will present new partnerships and several fascinating new innovations in the A-line, but that is for another story.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Exterior 1

Onboard the 80 XL will not disappoint, especially if you find yourself within the majestic owner’s suite, set at sea level with the bathroom perfectly integrated into the cabin as if within a modern 5-star hotel. As expected, the levels of luxury would be perfectly acceptable onboard any modern-day superyacht.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Interior

If the owner chooses a layout to incorporate a crew, the layout can align a crew cabin linked directly to the helm station and an additional crew cabin with an entrance to the aft deck, for greater functionality and privacy for the owner and their guests.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Interior 1

In the salon with the bar area, the best air conditioning is the sea breeze where you can spend your voyage in harmony with the sea thanks to an independent from the sky lounge joined to the main deck layout.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Exterior 2

Functional architecture and open spaces for surprisingly dynamic settings are at the heart of the Sharpa, take your time to explore and look around and you will find simple but innovative touches. The Helm is a picture of beauty and connects seamlessly to ocean views ahead.

Sherpa 80 XL Helm

Harmonious materials and well thought through layouts ensure the Sherpa 80 never feels small, in fact, quite the opposite, each large space has been constructed with entertainment in mind, equally every smaller space is perfect for those moments of intimacy and relaxing getaways.

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Interior 2

The Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL brings together the luxurious aspects of a superyacht blended beautifully with the functionality of an expedition yacht, it even has the eco card covered with a clever design incorporating a 30 sqm canopy covered in solar panels that provide over 2.5KWh of energy, forming a captivating part of the sky lounge roof design, just look up!

Arcadia Sherpa 80 XL_Interior 3

Power is delivered via 2x Volvo Penta IPS rated at 1050hp (std) or 1350hp (opt) giving the 80 XL a maximum speed of ± 20 knots or ± 23 knots, and a cruise speed of ± 18 knots or ± 20 knots depending on engine options.


We can see the attraction and many benefits of this design of yacht by Arcadia, and it’s not alone. Many shipyards are now widening their design scope and taking the benefits from different model ranges and combining them into attractive multi-levelled propositions.  Arcadia Yachts has executed that perfectly with the 80 XL.

Arcadia Yachts

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