Thats wind burn not sun burn in the Sunseeker XS Sport

The Sunseeker XS Sport has been around for a while now, however it still sets a market leading bench mark as a top performer and does not shy away from the new comers such as the Fearless 28 from our previous review or for that matter other competitor challengers in this market place.

Originally named the XS 2000 the XS has been tweaked over the years to become a bench setter within the extreme fast sports boat market, it is available as the 2000 or sport variants.

The Sunseeker XS Sport comes with the option of twin 370hp or 440hp Yanmars . The 440hp set up married to the ZF Trimax surface drives with two-speed transmissions make the boat very easy to manoeuvre (1.3:1 ratio in low gear, 1:1 in high) and would be our choice here, giving the XS a blistering top speed of over 70 mph.

The XS sports entire hull and deck is cored with balsa and reinforced with Kevlar skins. The XS walk-through cockpit leads to a 5 seat configuration plus a sun lounging area aft, race styled helm features well laid out instruments with radio and CD remote control system.

The XS is not for the faint hearted, it is an outright extreme sports boat and for those that love speed this will be right up your street and of course those who want to give there passengers a ride they wont forget.

Two deck configurations are offered by Sunseeker, the XS 2000 comes as a closed forward deck while the XS Sport has a walk-around console open forward deck, both models will be a guarantee a pace that sets the adrenaline raging.

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