Redefining propulsion for the Leisure Boat Industry

For over a decade now, Italian company Auxilia Electric Propulsion has been forging ahead with green marine technology, earning a strong following of prestigious clients. During METS 2019, the company will be unveiling a new Marine Hybrid Kit to redefine electric-hybrid propulsion as we know it. Utilising the wealth of knowledge earned from hundreds of installations, Auxilia is responding to market demands for a simpler and more cost-effective solution to electric-hybrid propulsion. Furthermore, the truly innovative and environmentally conscious values of the company have been recognised by the European Union, which selected the project for its Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Auxilia Marine Hybrid

The brand new Auxilia Marine Hybrid Kit is a simple auxiliary propulsion system for main engines up to 2000kW. The ‘plug & play’ turn-key solution allows for the easy ‘hybridization’ of any kind of vessel by being quickly installed onboard and connected to the standard electric grid. It’s the first system of its kind to allow engineers and designers the opportunity to select by themselves the components and to create the hybrid kit for the hybridization of their ship with a few simple inputs. The system includes an electric motor/ generator that can be installed in the propulsion drive-line; a Lithium battery pack; an electric cabinet with PMS (Power Management System); and a highly compact variable speed Genset as optional.

Columbus Sport Hybrid
Columbus Sport Hybrid

Four operating modes offer flexibility and freedom. For Zero Emissions mode, the power comes entirely from the batteries to the Auxilia motor; in Comfort mode, the hotel load comes from the battery with the diesel generators off; in Fast recharge/ generator mode electric power comes from main diesel engines for hotel loads and the battery recharges quickly; and in Combi mode, only one diesel is running two propellers. Furthermore, one of the main features of the Marine Hybrid Kit is the Web Configurator: Using an online link, everyone, from engineers to designers and yacht crew, will have the opportunity to select by themselves some or all of the components of the Marine Hybrid Kit and to create the hybrid kit for the hybridization of their ship just with some simple inputs. At each configuration, the system will allow the download of the technical data sheet (pdf) with dimensions and weights of each component.

Admiral E Motion 52
Admiral E Motion 52

The unveiling of the new system emphasises Auxilia Electric Propulsion’s commitment to what it calls ‘The Big Five’. These priorities are: significantly lowering emissions, offering outstanding comfort with no noise or vibrations, reducing fuel consumption, user-friendliness by virtue of its easy ‘plug & play’ installation, and also offering easy dynamic positioning mode and patrolling at very low speed.

Admiral E Motion 52
Admiral E Motion 52

Alberto Amici, General Manager of Auxilia Electric Propulsion, comments: ‘We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved with the Marine Hybrid Kit. At a time when it’s never been more important to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, we’re delighted to offer the market such a simple solution. This system will transform many of the yachts on the water to a greener form of propulsion, and in doing so make a significant positive impact on our beautiful oceans.’

Magellano 50 Hybrid
Magellano 50 Hybrid

A true testament to the success of Auxilia Electric Propulsion, within the marine leisure sector, is the accolade of clients, including Admiral, Azimut|Benetti, Baglietto, Canados, CNC, Columbus, Dynamiq, Nuovi Cantieri Apuania, Ocean King, Palumbo, Persico Marine, Sanlorenzo, Tecnomar, Wally (Ferretti Group) and Wider.

Auxilia Electric Propulsion

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