No need for Dutch courage in the new steel yacht Van Der Heijden 2400 Superior

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Introducing the new flagship model in the Van Der Heijden steel yachts superior range, the 2400. Presented at the 2011 Düsseldorf Boat Show, the Superior 2400 has attracted a great range of attention from potential customers and the industry. The 2400 has been constructed in a hard-chine hull form. The slender hull with a flared bow and a gracious stern gives the ship a Superior appearance with great sea-going qualities.

Van Der Heijden Superior 2400

Van Der Heijden has its own internal custom design department that will work with customers to create the perfect individual build. From the conceptual design onward, the customer is closely associated with the realisation of their dream.

Van Der Heijden Superior 2400

The interior is fully custom built, and with a design capacity of up to 10 guests in five double cabins, depending on owners specification, it’s possible to make long distance cruising in relative comfort and there is also a single crew cabin with private head located aft to cater for your guest.

Van Der Heijden Superior 2400

The whole yacht building process is carried out indoors, which provides consistent high quality and on time delivery. This combined with the many years’ experience in steel yachts building makes Van Der Heijden an interesting alternative to the more common construction methods used on yachts of a similar size and spec.

Van Der Heijden Superior 2400

Van Der Heijden offers complete building kits that are designed into the smallest detail, so when the complete construction of the yacht is drawn, all parts including the shell are developed and nested. This results in a very high level of flexibility for the customer.

Van Der Heijden Superior 2400

Power comes from a pair of twin Iveco 825hp Diesel engines that the Superior 2400 a respectable speed of up to 18 knots, and the perfect place to be while cruising at this speed is on the flybridge that has a large comfortable roomy feel with enough seating for all the guests if need be.

 Van Der Heijden Superior 2400

The Van Der Heijden Superior 2400 is a worthy flagship for the company and spear heads the vision of their continued expansion plans for the range in the coming years.

Watch the Superior 2400 in video action

Van Der Heijden owner views at the ILBC

2 Comments on “No need for Dutch courage in the new steel yacht Van Der Heijden 2400 Superior

  1. Great Boat from the nordics, and testament to the material used also , steel can be just as effective as the plastics!


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