TecnoRib Pirelli 35

The Pirelli 35 is a walkaround is an aerodynamic double-step hull designed for TecnoRib by the Swedish studio Mannerfelt Design Team. Available in both outboard and sterndrive versions, it’s geared towards high performance cruising with the stablility of a very capable coastal rib experience. It offers a modern design, meticulous attention to on-board accessories, and the option to customise a full range of equipment. The WSB team take a closer look at the 35.

The result of the collaboration between TecnoRib – official licensee of Pirelli-branded inflatable boats – and Mannerfelt Design Team, the Swedish studio founded in the late 1980s by Ocke Mannerfelt, a pioneering designer of racing hulls, the Pirelli 35 is a project strongly supported by Gianni De Bonis, Managing Director of TecnoRib: “The great results achieved with the Pirelli 42 put us on the right course. And with the Pirelli  35 – which will be followed by a larger model next year – we wanted to offer owners a boat that delivers the same winning features as its older sister but with slightly more compact dimensions,” he said.

TecnoRib Pirelli 35

The Pirelli 35 walkaround is 11.10m long (with a width of 3.80 metres). It features a stepped planing hull that teams the highest level of stability and safety with exceptional performance, reaching a maximum speed of over 50 knots. The boat also confirms the desire to take the elegance of this product category to a whole new level, with a focus on precision design and meticulous attention to detail.

TecnoRib Pirelli 35

Ted Mannerfelt, who now heads the studio founded by his father Ocke, described this project as follows: “We wanted to create a model that looks fast even when it’s standing still. Building on the success of the Pirelli 42, it represents a beautiful evolution of the former, but with reduced dimensions. It’s undoubtedly aligned with the new direction taken by the brand in terms of design, thanks to its sleek lines and modern look.

TecnoRib Pirelli 35

We’ve created a boat that can be adapted to many requirements in terms of engine and interior layout, to give the owner the opportunity to own the boat of their dreams … or that fulfils their wishes as closely as possible. The double-stepped hull makes the Pirelli 35 very efficient and stable in the water – even at high speeds.”

TecnoRib Pirelli 35

The Pirelli 35 boasts a rugged profile and sleek lines. The convenient perimeter walkway, characteristic of walkarounds, ensures the outdoors can be enjoyed to the full, and features large sunbathing areas both in the bow area – which is also fitted with a sofa – and aft, where a table provides the perfect setting for al fresco dining. Between the sundeck and the sofa at the bow there is space to move around unimpeded.

TecnoRib Pirelli 35

The interior areas also include a large convertible dinette and, on request, a separate bathroom, making this model perfect for short- and medium-range cruises. Seadek, the material used to cover the deck, provides an unrivalled sensation of softness and comfort. This is a high-spec product which is ultra-durable, easily washable and provides exceptional traction. Upon request, the Pirelli 35 can also be finished in traditional teak.

TecnoRib Pirelli 35

Navigation assures boaters enjoy top-notch performance and outstanding stability in the water in a full range of weather and sea conditions. In addition, the driving position is comfortable and well-protected, courtesy of the structure that shelters the two-seater driving console, structured as a single block which extends up from the windshield to form a T-Top.

TecnoRib Pirelli 35

Comfort is also assured by the height of the sides, which offer good protection from splashing and safety when travelling on board. The side decks are wide, while the inner surface of the sides features a long stainless-steel handrail which is not visible externally is very useful when moving around.

TecnoRib Pirelli 35

The Pirelli 35 is available in both outboard and stern-drive versions and can be fitted with the engine requested by the prospective owner. Possible power ranges from a minimum of 600 to a maximum of 700 horsepower in the petrol version, while the diesel version starts from a minimum of 600 horsepower up to a maximum of 640.

Pirelli 35 Aerial Shot 3

TecnoRib offers a full range of fabrics, colours and materials for those that want to explore the personal touch experience to their 35, however you consider the 35 it ticks the boxes for those looking for a balance of performance, safety, comfort and out right fun.












Overall length 11.10 m
Overall width 3.80 m
Tubes D Shape (foam filled antishock)
Hull Stepped Hull
Weight with standard motors 8.5 t
Fuel tank capacity 750 L
Water tank capacity 150 L
Number of passengers 12
Beds 1
Category B
Range at cruising speed 390 NM
Designer Mannerfelt Design Team





















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