Antonini Navi OPV 56 projecT

Antonini Navi has completed the military inspired 56 Project, one of few superyachts this size on the market to have a gross tonnage under 500 GT. The yacht has an aluminium hull and superstructure, a length of 56 metres, and a clearly military inspired styling that gives it a unique and eye catching design.

Antonini Navi OPV 56 

The design features an imposing high bow to ensure safe navigation and clean, pared down lines that give the ship a unique personality. The continuous foredeck is designed to accommodate a helipad, while the upper deck is entirely devoted to the master suite.

Antonini Navi OPV 56

The aft deck, occupying over 150 square metres, is multifunctional and can be adapted to cater for any solution and customisation.

Antonini Navi - OPV 56 (7)

Aldo Manna summed up by saying: “We are pleased to be able to demonstrate once again the Shipyard’s great flexibility, by offering the market a 56-metre superyacht with gross tonnage under 500 GT, which in itself represents an unprecedented design success.

Antonini Navi OPV 56

Our hope is that this recently formalised expression of interest will soon become reality and in the near future we will see the O.P.V. 56 project ride the waves around the world.

Antonini Navi OPV 56

Antonini Navi has worked with owner over an intensive 7 months to plan the spec of the OPV 56, involving Architect Fulvio De Simoni for the design and the shipyard’s technical office for the engineering and all preliminary planning work.

Antonini Navi

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