Living the high life onboard the Heesen 65 concept

Following the positive results of the tank test completed at the Wolfson Unit in April 2010, Heesen Yachts is proud to present the revolutionary 65 Metre concept based on the Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) Mega Yacht.

Heesen 65 Metre

The FDHF Mega Yacht is the result of studies and tank tests carried out over 20 years by the Dutch Naval Architects Van Oossanen and Associates. Perry Van Oossanen comments on the idea that led the VOA team to create the FDHF design: “The typical load profile of a motor yachtoften consists of long range cruising at low speeds and only short periods of time at higher and maximum speeds. This indicates the need to focus hull design over the entire speed range rather than on maximum speed only. ”

Heesen 65 Metre

The Heesen 65 offers some superb luxury features, such as a duplex beach club located aft on the main and lower decks with a 10 square meter side-balcony on the port side and a 22 square meter swimming platform. On the lower deck of the duplex beach club there is a sauna, hammam, shower room, day head and a fully equipped bar.

Heesen 65 Metre

 Another notable feature of the 65m megayacht design is the glass bottom of swimming-pool located on the main deck; this allows the natural light to glimmer through the water to the bar area beneath. On the fore deck of the Heesen 65 Metre Fast Displacement motor yacht, the large sunbathing area can be transformed into a touch-and-go heli-deck. The tender garages with gull-wing doors are also located beneath the fore deck. The Heesen 65 is set to be another beautifully crafted yacht from the Dutch builder.

Heesen owner views at the ILBC

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