Fjord 41 XL

Fjord’s latest open sports cruiser the 41 XL has a unique modular approach that redefines design layout. Fjord state “The customer becomes the chief designer of their own yacht thanks to a unique modular configuration on deck and a variable interior design.” A new hull was developed to implement this ground-breaking concept, featuring the world’s largest T-top. In addition to outstanding sun protection, this creates the space for a top-class interior and deck design. The WSB team take a closer look into the 41 XL.

Fjord 41 XL

Product Manager Andrea Zambonini: “We have developed a completely new boat based on Fjord’s original DNA. Thanks to the new hull with higher freeboard, we have created significantly more volume in the interior to maximise comfort and the sense of space.

Fjord 41 XL

The large hull windows provide plenty of light and complement the iconic design, which is crowned by the mighty T-top. Sturdy roof pillars are integrated into the bulwarks to complete the design-optimised interaction of hull, superstructure and helm station. In addition to maximum stability, this also guarantees the greatest possible ease of movement on deck.”

Fjord 41 XL

With a total of 90 possible combinations on deck, the FJORD 41 XL can be adapted to the customer’s individual wishes. Whether a minimalist, tidy deck, a lounging area with designer furniture, a huge sunbathing space or a fully equipped galley – everything is possible and can be freely combined.

Fjord 41 XL

Up to four driving seats, free-standing armchairs and chaise longues, which also can be used in the water, plus a large sunbathing area on the foredeck round off this made-to-measure lifestyle at sea.

Fjord 41 XL

A further visual highlight is the ergonomic glass-bridge helm station, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for a sharp look and maximum usability.

Fjord 41 XL Helm

For the first time, extensive layout adjustments are also possible below deck: choose a bright guest cabin with windows instead of a walk-in storage area, a galley and a second head.

Fjord 41 XL Galley

The master cabin can be enhanced with a dressing or working area, and closed off with a soundproof sliding door. This door can be recessed into the bulkhead to save space and allows the master cabin to be fully darkened when desired.

Fjord 41 XL INterior

The interior is available in five different design styles, each with a harmoniously coordinated mix of colours and materials. Of course, the customer can also create his or her own personal ambience with other exclusive fabrics, woods and colours.

Fjord 41 XL

The newly developed 3D configurator on the FJORD website allows you to explore and customise all options on deck.

Fjord 41 XL

FJORD 41 XL Highlights
– World’s largest T-top, can shade an area up to 3.90m wide and 5.81m long with the integrated bimini
– Largest hull windows in its class
– Largest single-piece windscreen in its class
– Newly developed modular deck configuration
– Various layout options below deck
– Various interior design styles, each with coordinated colour and material mix
– Standing headroom above 6´3 ft throughout the living area, from companionway to the master cabin
– Soundproof sliding door to the master cabin, which can be completely darkened
– Gyro stabilizer, either 220V (generator) or 12V (battery powered)

Fjord 41 XL

The new FJORD was designed in collaboration with yacht designers Patrick Banfield (exterior) and
Darnet Design (interior) and has delivered on the perfect interpretation of an open day sports cruiser.

Fjord Boats

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