Lomac GranTurismo 14.0

The GranTurismo 14.0 is the flagship of the range and is the result of three years of work, research into style and performance. It is also the pinnacle of the design approach adopted by the shipyard several years ago, focused on technology innovation and efficiency.

Lomac GranTrismo 14.0

The boat’s layout has been completely redesigned – while retaining some features already tested on its smaller counterparts, such as the grilles on the bow and the two large aft handrails that combine functionality, greater safety and design – yet it has undergone further improvements to emphasise the exclusivity of this 14-metre long model (4.15 wide).

Lomac GranTrismo 14.0

The large aft sundeck houses a huge peak that can accommodate inboard engines according to the shipowner’s choices. The bridge protected by the upper deck gives an excellent view.

Lomac GranTrismo 14.0

The cabin features refined and functional furnishings and includes a comfortable double berth in the bow and a toilet room with a separate shower cubicle.

Lomac GranTrismo 14.0 cabin

Some highlights include the deckhouse grab rail that, instead of the classic stainless steel tube, consists of a groove in the fibreglass moulding, which is easier on the eye and just as effective, the bow sundeck, which is slightly sunken so that it can be used even at high speeds and, finally, the anchor locker, which houses the mooring bollards so that they do not clutter the deck.

Lomac GranTrismo 14.0

The hull’s performance has undergone CFD (Computational Dynamic Fluid) testing to simulate performance at all speeds and achieve maximum performance.

Lomac GranTrismo 14.0

In addition, the construction technique already tested for the entire Adrenalina and GranTurismo range was used, i.e. vacuum infusion of vinylester resin, combined in this exclusive model with the massive use of materials known for their lightness and strength, such as aramid fibres, to strengthen the t-top, the bridge and the hull.

Lomac GranTrismo 14.0 interior

The engine can be chosen according to the customer’s needs. If you opt for a Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore triple engine (425 hp each – the maximum power allowed) the maximum speed is 55 knots

Lomac GranTrismo 14.0

Technical Data

Overall length (m.) 13,64
Overall width (m.) 4,15
Weight (kg.) 5800
Fabrics tubes classic style
Number of air chambers 8
Diameter of tubes (cm.) 52
Working press bar (atm) 0,20
Hull twin shell
Person capacity 16
Testing power max (Hp.) 3×425
Suggested power (Hp.) 3×300
Transom height (mm.) 2×635 – 1×760
Type approval design category B

The Lomac Granturismo is a master of many traits, sports boat, day boat, open boat and the perfect superyacht tender.


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