SAY Carbon is a game changer

The skills needed to manufacture large products from carbon fibre are indeed specialist, look at the automotive industry and you will see mainstream brands dabble a little but the true specialists who use it to create dream machines are few. The boating industry is following a similar path, many of the mainstream brands are using carbon fibre in larger parts of their manufacturing process but a few are using carbon fibre as their only material of choice. SAY is one of those few in the leisure boat industry that are using their experience of automotive carbon fibre production and applying it to watercraft innovation and production.

The SAY line up is simplistic and efficient, SAY 29, SAY 42, SAY 45 RIB, all are carbon fibre production models and provide would-be buyers with an electric propulsion or traditional combustion propulsion options. Factor in weight of the SAY 29 hull of 380kgs for example and you quickly realise with either choice of propulsion options, performance is delivered in spades.

SAY 29 Carbon runabout

The SAY29 E made in Wangen in Germany’s Allgäu region is the fastest electric boat in the world. With top speeds of up to 48 knots (89 km/h), the electric version of the SAY 29 Runabout is in a league of its own. This boat’s drive technology is from Kreisel Electric, one of the most innovative e-mobility developers in Europe. The SAY29 E’s high speeds are achieved through up to 360 kW, and a battery capacity of 120kWh means you’ll enjoy a decent amount of range too.

SAY 29E Carbon Runabout

Innovation continues with the hull design, wave cutter bow and side wings coupled with high-quality sports suspension seats ensure the comfort and precision of the ride and handling of all SAY models fill the helm with confidence and excitement.

SAY bow cutter hull

The design of the 12.80-metre-long SAY42 combines high-end luxury design with uncompromising performance. The hull guarantees impressively handling, even in larger seas, and makes the SAY42 an extremely safe boat. Looking for an extra adrenaline rush? Engines with up to 1000 horsepower on the SAY 42 means breath-taking acceleration and top speeds of up to 60 knots (115 km/h).

SAY 42 Carbon Tail

The SAY 42 can be customised depending on the application of the owner. If a day boat or weekender is required, a large teak swim deck, spacious sundeck, a comfortable cabin with room for up to two people and integrated bathroom can be optioned.

SAY 42 Carbon Open

Don’t need all of these features? Then maybe the SAY42 Open fits the bill. The layout of the Open is nearly entirely deck and features enough space for up to 12 passengers. this would sway towards being a very capable superyacht tender or say sports boat. For extra comfort when anchored, an optional Bimini top for sun protection and a stabiliser from Seakeeper which reduces rocking motion to a minimum, allowing the boat to stay very calm in the water.

Say 42 Carbon Runabout

SAY sports boats are less than a decade old, however, they have chartered a course that will certainly lead to new horizons for the leisure boat industry. What’s more, is the exciting scale of innovation at SAY. Promising larger carbon craft coupled with developing electric propulsion and onboard technologies makes the SAY proposition very seductive.

SAY 45 Rib Carbon

The “Made in Germany” seal is an important quality of SAY, the components, tools, shipyard equipment and team qualifications are all under one roof producing high-quality craft. Plus, the perfect testing grounds are just a few kilometres away – Lake Constance.

SAY Carbon 

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