The new Azimut 38 and Atlantis Verve 36 at the London Boat Show 2011

Azimut Benetti Group presents two great small boats at the Tullet Prebon London International Boat Show: Azimut 38 and Atlantis Verve 36. Two projects that have brought major innovation into the sector, quickly becoming benchmarks for the competition. This is the United Kingdom debut of Atlantis Verve 36.

Atlantis Verve 36

The new Azimut Benetti stand, L1, is located in Pavilion L of the ExCeL Exhibition Centre, the area dedicated to motorboat manufacturers. Azimut 72S and Atlantis Verve 36 are both in the running for Motor Boat of the Year 2011.

Azimut 38

At the Boat Show, the Azimut Benetti Group is presenting two boats – craft of similar size but with different vocations – that have both made news since the moment they were launched: the Azimut 38 and Atlantis Verve 36. The former, designed by Stefano Righini (design and concept) and Carlo Galeazzi (interiors), is a flybridge that has redefined the standard for boats under 40 feet, offering something completely new in terms of liveability and style.

Azimut 38

It can also be called an anti-crisis boat as it offers solid contents that go well beyond the cost, making it one of the most attractive products around. The designers have done a great job, using every single centimetre of space available. The results include a large master cabin in the bow and a central cabin with twin beds. Each cabin has its own head, proof of the yacht’s two-fold calling: designed to be used by either a family or two couples, allowing each some privacy.

Azimut 38

The central zone is well-lit thanks to the large side windows, an Azimut Benetti yachting innovation that was first presented on the Azimut 68S and then picked up by the competition. Another strong point of the Azimut 38 is its long-living area on the main deck, an area awash with light, air and space, giving the impression that the yacht is much larger than it really is. The same great liveability is reflected in the flybridge, a true outdoor living area.

Azimut 38

Equipped with two Cummins 355 mhp engines, it can achieve peak speeds of 32 knots. Also on display in London last year, the Azimut 38 now shows off new, highly contemporary interior decorating, a birthright of the Italian style that sets our boats apart from the competition. Making its United Kingdom debut, Atlantis Verve 36 has a different mission: its slogan is plug and cruise.

Azimut 38

From its very launch it has been showered with success and awards (Boat of the Year at Genoa International Boat Show 2009) because it has tickled the fancy of those with precise demands, those unable to find the right boat: a day cruiser offering a perfect blend of versatility and functionality, where attention to quality and finishing is all one could hope for.

Azimut 38

A versatile project that meets a wide range of uses: swimming with the family, fishing, a few nights at anchor in full peace of mind and, above all, laid-back fun and speed. The deck has been designed to provide the utmost protection for those roaming about onboard: wide, protected side gangways allow those who still have their “land legs” to reach the forward sundeck in the bow.

Atlantis Verve 36

The large cockpit has everything one could possibly need for outdoor life. The cabin has a king-size bed, head and cooking area. With its two Volvo Penta 370 mhp engines, the Verve 36 can easily reach speeds of 40 knots.

Azimut 38

On the eve of the Boat Show, Paolo Vitelli, chairman of the group says: “We are carefully watching the northern European market as this is the area showing the greatest vitality, particularly for yachts of the size we are presenting, those for the true boat lovers like the British.

Atlantis Verve 36

These two boats, both around twelve meters, fully meet the demands they were designed for: great cruising capacity for the Azimut 38 and easy handling and pure fun for Atlantis Verve 36, a luxury day cruiser”.

Azimut 38

And there is still more news for Azimut Benetti group fans: during the London Boat Show, the winner of the Motor Boat of The Year 2011 will be announced by the organizers of the competition – the magazines Motor Boat & Yachting and Motors Boats Monthly with the participation of Garmin Europe. A full 5 of the group’s boats have been nominated in several different categories: Azimut 72S and Magellano 74 among the flybridge over 55ft, Azimut 40S and Atlantis Verve 36 for the sports cruisers up to 45ft and Azimut 88 among the custom yachts.

The Azimut 38 in video action

The Atlantis Verve 36 in video action

Azimut owner views at ILBC


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  1. These two boats were superb and the london boat show was fantastic a great event and certainly kicks off 2011 in the perfect tone for us boaters. thanks wsb 🙂


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