Basking in the glory of the new Bertram 540

Bertram Yacht remains at the forefront of nautical design, quality performance and innovation as it unveils the latest breakthrough revelation in yacht design; the Bertram 540, a new model yacht that will be sure to make a stir in the sport fishing industry.

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Bad boys new Bertram 800 sets a new record pace

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Behold a new chapter in Bertram history. Introducing the Bertram 800, soon to be the new flagship of the Bertram fleet and the largest Bertram ever built. After years of advanced research and development, Bertram has decided to take luxury to the next level and build a sport fishing yacht of remarkable proportions.

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Bayliner 245

Established in 1957, Bayliner boats has been producing  sports boats for over 50 years and to ensure they will be continuing for a further 50 years, Bayliner’s extensive range covers the needs of all sports boats enthusiasts.


The innovative Bayliner 245 is a true example of why Bayliner is such a popular brand and packs all the right ingredients needed to make a great sports boat.

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