2020 Vision in the new Cranchi 78 Flagship

As 2020 fast approaches, Cranchi Yachts is preparing to celebrate 150 years of its history. This is an extraordinary achievement by any company in any industry and gives Cranchi huge accolade to their celebrations starting in January of 2020. To mark this celebration Cranchi Yachts has planned the worldwide premiere of its new flagship, the Cranchi 78 Settantotto at the Boot Düsseldorf. The 78 Settantotto has a huge spotlight of occasion set upon it, so what can we expect from the new Cranchi flagship?

Cranchi 78 Settantotto

The Cranchi flagship model is being created in their highly automated factory which follows the principles of industry 4.0. The entire production process, including the use of a sophisticated mould consisting of two longitudinal sections, has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics and guarantee the best quality in the finished product, leaving plenty of room for customisation without sacrificing the advantages and repeatable precision of mass production.

Cranchi 78 Settantotto

Perfect to celebrate the first 150 years of history of Cranchi Yachts, the Settantotto represents the productive and technological capacity of the Shipyard at its peak and the development of its project also works like a flywheel for the growth of the entire Cranchi range which in recent seasons is experiencing a phase of constant evolution. You can have a direct testimony to the Cannes Yachting Festival where a wide selection of the Cranchi collection will be exhibited.

Cranchi 78 Settantotto

For the structure and superstructure of the new Settantotto, Cranchi will use carbon fibre, kevlar and vinylester resins. These three materials together create a more resistant, lighter and less polluting final product that delivers on the company’s continuing values of innovation.

Cranchi 78 Settantotto

The spaces onboard the Settantotto will tell the 150-year story of maniacal focus on quality and sense of occasion for any guest.

Cranchi 78 Settantotto

Wood panelling, sofas, curtains and free-standing furniture designed and customised with a distinctly Italian taste ensure that luxury and ambience onboard the 78 will be nothing short of magnificent.

Cranchi 78 Settantotto

The propulsion of the Settantotto is provided by the new Volvo Penta D13-IPS1350, the most powerful engine of the IPS range. Compact in its configuration and capable of delivering great power, the D13-IPS1350 combines perfectly with the design of the hull of the Settantotto and the use of light and resistant fibres: this way, the Settantotto ensures lower consumption, greater autonomy, optimal peak speed, reduced vibrations and noise, comfort, reliability and duration.

Cranchi 78 Settantotto Volvo Penta IPSengine

The premiere unveiling of the 78 will be an epic start to the 2020 calendar for Cranchi and a celebration of the outstanding achievement of Cranchi by the industry. To say there are big expectations of the 78 will be an understatement but its sure to deliver in spades.

Cranchi 78 Settantotto Specifications
LENGTH OVERALL                                81 ft 6 approx.
HULL LENGTH                                      76 ft 3 approx.
HULL BEAM                                          18 ft 8 approx.
DRY WEIGHT                                        112.435 lbs approx.
FUEL TANKS CAPACITY                         1.319 UK gals approx. / 1.585 US gals approx.
WATER TANKS CAPACITY                      330 UK gals approx. / 396 US gals approx.
BLACK-WATER TANKS CAPACITY          110 UK gals approx. / 132 US gals approx.
GRAY WATER TANKS CAPACITY            110 UK gals approx. / 132 US gals approx.
DESIGN CATEGORY                               A
ENGINES                                               Volvo Penta D13 IPS 1350
MAXIMUM POWER                               3×1000 HP
MAXIMUM SPEED                                32/33 kn
CRUISE SPEED                                      21/23 kn
AUTONOMY                                         380 NM approx.
HULL                                                     Aldo Cranchi
ENGINEERING                                      Centro Studi Ricerche Cranchi
EXTERIOR & INTERIOR DESIGN           Christian Grande


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