New Lomac 850 IN Lights up

Italian boatbuilder Lomac will premier their all-new 850 IN sports Rib at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September. Boasting high performance and clever interior space design, the new 850 is targeted at the day boat and sports tender markets.


The 850 IN is a very comfortable and capabable sports rib with a handsom list of main features. There is the comfortable stern area with a large extendable table, which can be transformed into a spacious sun deck, an accommodation with a sink (offered as an option there is also a fridge) and a small bathroom or stowage area.


At the bow, in front of the central helm station, there is another accommodation and a capacious stowage unit that can be joined to the nearby sundeck.


The boat awning is combined with a fiberglass roll-bar and can be extended to cover the bow area. The tubular has a wide diameter, so the free board is very ample and comforting.


850 IN can be equipped with one or two engines depending on the owners’ requests and comes in a simple cream base colour accompanied by a set of darker shades. Alternatively, it can be sold in dark colours, better suited for the Northern markets and, depending on the particular needs of the owner, it is possible to customise some details.


The launch of the new 850 IN is well worth a look at the Lomac set up at Cannes Yachting Festival along with the 14.0 and 10.5 that will also be on display as a part of the range line up.

Lomac Boats

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