A new era in Sports Yachts, the new Delta 88 IPS

It took the Swedish company Delta Powerboats precisely 10 years to grow from a 25 footer to the new 26 meter flagship. The WSB team take a closer look at what is set to be a new era in sports yacht design.

Delta 88 IPS

“It is with great pleasure we announce that we have added a dream to our product portfolio – a 26 metre yacht built from carbon.

Delta 88 IPS

We have been working over two years to complete the project, and it is with pride we now are able to present the results, “says Donald Wessel, Sales Manager at Delta Powerboats in Sweden.

Delta 88 IPS

During the first sea trial from Estonia to Stockholm, Sweden the top speed was measured 37 knots, and the fuel consumption around 40% less than the competitors.

Delta 88 IPS

“The aim has been to maintain the core values of the Delta brand and build the most beautiful, most fuel efficient and most intelligent boat on the market.

Delta 88 IPS

The fact that hull number two ice already in production indicates that we are on the right track aiming to create something special, “Donald continues.

Delta 88 IPS

Just like the rest of the Delta fleet the yacht has a characteristic Scandinavian design, all materials are genuine and will age beautifully.

Delta 88 IPS

”The task of building a boat of this size was a real challenge, and to succeed we had to start from the base. “The task of building a boat of this size was a real challenge, and to succeed we had to start from the base.

Delta 88 IPS

We had to rebuild the factory and hire new skilled boat builders, technicians, and talented craftsmen in various skills to achieve a perfect result.

Delta 88 IPS

The entire production is adapted for paying attention to environmental considerations.


Delta 88 IPS

All boats are manufactured using vacuum infusion to get them equally strong and light, and on top both Delta 54 IPS and the Delta Yacht are built from carbon fibre,” explains Lennart Alpstål, owner of the Delta factory.

Delta 88 IPS


Design Lars Modin
Build material Carbon
Hull length 80 ft
LOA 88 ft / 25.88 m
Beam 6.2 m
Displacement 45 tons
Consumption 32 kts 330 l / h
Consumption 20 kts 170 l / h

Engines / Performance

3x Volvo Penta IPS 1200/37 knots

Delta owner views at the ILBC

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