Green Day’s new eco song the Greenyachts Zero 80

The project Greenyachts Zero 80 was born from the pencil of Italian architects to cover the range of displacement boats market within 24 meters in length. A boat that is inspired by the tradition with an advanced central wheelhouse, which stands out particularly clearly for the stern area, with direct access to master cabin from aft sunbathing area. An area of great privacy, which is particularly protected while cruising.

Green Yachts Zero 80

The design of the boat, with its many flat surfaces is studied to give the possibility to also install solar panels for the electric charge of the accumulator, and the original wind turbine integrated in the superstructure will supplement the energy needs. The engine consists of 4 generators coupled to electric motors, guaranteeing security, greater autonomy and extreme silent cruising. The engine room is in fact adequately insulated to the frequencies of generators and is positioned to divide crew and guests area.

Green Yachts Zero 80

A vessel that can accommodate from 6 to 8 guests (charter version with 4 guest cabins) with 4 crew members who have a dual access to the crew area. Ideal for cruising with low consumption, high comfort and low emissions. The master cabin has a large 180 degrees sea view thanks to the large side windows and a central modern bathroom with natural stone floor and white marble accessories.

Green Yachts Zero 80

The two twin cabins has large sea view windows and access from the main deck saloon where is located the dining area and a modular wheelhouse cockpit. The upper deck, used as a sundeck when at anchor, is used to store the Zero Emission Dinghy during cruise. The tender can be easily lifted thanks to the special multi purpose crane  ( crane – bimini – Stabilizer sail ) .  Cruising with Green Yachts Zero 80 is easy and safe , the yacht can be managed easily in most conditions so Green Yachts claim.

Green Yachts Zero 80

Green Yachts owner views at the ILBC

One Comment on “Green Day’s new eco song the Greenyachts Zero 80

  1. The reason why this yacht Zero 80 is eco friendly is that the yacht consistes of many flat surfaces give the possibility to install solar panels for the electric charge of the accumulator.


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