Fishing for a top catch with the new Pershing 92

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The new Pershing 92’, pencilled by the Designer Fulvio De Simoni together with the fundamental support of the technical staff of Pershing and the close collaboration with Norberto Ferretti, the AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology) and the Centro Stile of the Ferretti Group, is characterized by its slim and aggressive external profile, with tight lines that permit the enlargement of the internal volume, creating more room especially in the hall and the stern cockpit on the main deck.

Pershing’s last project fits perfectly with the new design course inaugurated with the famous P72’, successfully followed by the last models, the P64’ and the P80’, characterised by a distinctive open personality, with ample volume and total luminosity for direct contact with the sea.

Pershing 92

Pershing 92’ develops all the stylistic elements that distinguish the models of the fleet: the windows of the superstructure, the wide glass walls, the big foldaway door which divides the cockpit from the hall as well as the inimitable performance of each Pershing yacht.

Pershing 92

An absolute novelty lies in the choice of colour for the hull: white pearl, a distinctive note of the new Pershing model, which has always anticipated design standards and established the trends of international sailing.

Pershing 92

The sun deck is one of the strengths of the new yacht. A more spacious deck, characterized by larger sizes to ensure maximum relaxation and privacy on board, in an exclusive area that welcomes the ship owner and his guests. Apart from size, the accessibility to the sun deck has been improved, thanks to a wide staircase that facilitates access to the bridge. This does not modify the racy and slim profile of the hull thanks to a careful study of space which makes the sun deck almost invisible.

Pershing 92

On the same sun deck there is also a semicircular modular sofa and a table that can be lowered to sitting level, so as to form one large sundeck which can be protected by a shade supported on carbon poles. At the bow, in front of the bridge, there is a big high-backed seat. On the bow sun deck, there is a big seat with an adjustable coffee table, in front of another big permanent sun deck.

Pershing 92

The attentive study of the external lines, the on board living and the uniformity of the spaces are also reflected in the realization of the interiors and all the spaces below deck, with an eye for detail. The wide cockpit, furnished with two sofas facing one another, a big table and a mobile bar, is striking because of its airy spaces, and it is one of the most comfortable areas on the boat.

Pershing 92

In line with the continuous evolution of the Pershing fleet, this area seems to extend into the big upper hall where life on board is fully expressed and where natural light flows in generously through the apertures of the big lateral windows. And that is not all: as it was on its predecessors, from the bow, one can access the hall through a foldaway glass door, designed in collaboration with Besenzoni, made up of two independent sections, equipped with electro-hydraulic handling, which slide downwards until they vanish.

Pershing 92

An idea that turned into a solution, that forms a better separation between the cockpit and the upper hall or transforming them into a real open-space, in the complete absence of steps or other obstacles.

Pershing 92

The elegance of the furnishing is the result of the collaborative teamwork of two historic Made in Italy labels: Poltrona Frau, which has designed and realized the pilot house, all the seating and all the details of the internal furnishing, and ErnestoMeda, which realized the kitchen.The below deck- Faithful to its own DNA, Pershing, a brand of the Ferretti Group, among the main worldwide producers of high performance open motor yachts of 15 to 35 metres, has created a new racy and modern model, with maximum comfort on board, creating continuity between the interiors and the exteriors and incomparable living spaces.

Pershing 92

The below deck, which can be accessed through a comfortable staircase behind the pilot’s seat, consists of 4 cabins: a full-beam ship owner suite, situated in the middle of the boat enhanced by suggestive natural lighting, the vip cabin at the bow, whose furnishings and spaces have been studied up to the finest detail and two guest cabins with two side by side beds and an en-suite bathroom. The use of Poltrona Frau leather in the night area enriches all the seats and beds, contributing to a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.

Pershing 92

Various internal layouts of the ship owner’s suite have been put to the clients’ disposal to make this area semi-customized. The ship owner can choose among the three different layouts: a standard one with an entrance to the ship owner’s cabin with a big broadside wardrobe and bathroom; a second layout with a wide entrance to the ship owner’s cabin with a small study and a cabin wardrobe; and a third layout with a smaller entrance and a study. All the internal furnishings are made of leather and branded Poltrona Frau.

Pershing 92

Accessible from inside and outside, there is an area at the stern that has been equipped as crew lodging. It is made up of two cabins with bathrooms, and they are linked to the kitchen. Finally, at the stern, above the engine room, where two MTU motors are situated, there is a spacious hangar with folding swimming platform which allows the storage of a tender and a water motor.

Pershing 92

In the standard version, Pershing 92 is motorized by 2 MTU diesel of 16 V with 2638 horse power with surface propellers and ARNESON transmission and reaches the maximum velocity of 42 knots and 38 knots at cruising speed. Its slimmer profile, larger volume and the study of space confirm the great care given to the project making Pershing 92’ a new point of reference which can bring about the revolution of the concept of on board living.

Pershing 92

“Always faithful to the philosophy of the brand, the Pershing 92’ has once again shown the perfect mix of technical innovation and avant-garde design, an indissoluble binominal that makes the Pershing brand one of the representative ones in the nautical Made in Italy worldwide, contributing to the prestige of the Ferretti Group at an international level” – declares Norberto Ferretti, President and Founder of the Ferretti Group, who follows the new products of the Pershing brand and all the Ferretti Group brands personally.

Pershing 92

“All the layout of Pershing 92’ emphasizes and facilitates the enjoyment of the spaces, the life and the privacy of life on board” adds the architect Fulvio De Simoni, yacht designer closely linked to the Pershing brand since 1985. “Alongside a substantial increase in volume and new lodging solutions, it is important to highlight the family feeling that has guided the stylistic choice of the entire project”.

Pershing 92

Besides the extraordinary use of surface and height, the project stands out due to the three ideal contexts that encourage interaction among the guests: the wide sun deck, the possibility of enlarging the hall towards the cockpit to obtain an open space and another sun deck on the bow.

Pershing 90 being replaced by the Pershing 92

“As regards to the product, we are facing an important evolution that meets the needs of our Clients” – as Luca Boldrini, Brand Manager of Pershing has remarked. “Versatility, an intelligent use of space, customization and a new concept of the “open”, indeed make the ship owner and his guests the real protagonists of this new boat”.

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Content release courtesy of Pershing Yachts International

One Comment on “Fishing for a top catch with the new Pershing 92

  1. came across the Pershing 90 in Spain a fantastic yacht so expect the 92 to be even better if she is replacing the 90.


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