Azimut 40S launched at Southampton Boat Show

Azimut have adopted techniques seen widely in the motor industry in developing a single one fits all approach. The VW group in the motor industry do this very well with models sharing the same floor plan but having different exterior design and brand badges. The 40s shares its hull and interior plan with its sibling the 38 flybridge that was launched at Southampton boat show in September, however in the technique mentioned early the exterior is redesigned top side to emphasis the S ranges sportier and sleeker styling .

Azimut 40S

Below are pictures of how Azimut adopted the same techniques on the 43S model in the recent past.  The S range concept has given Azimut superb growth with 50 plus orders coming in the first year of the S range launch back in 2003 with the 68S and was a simple yet effective formula of offering the living and comfort of a flybridge boat in a more aggressive sportier looking and performance platform.  The 40S comes with a  luxury fitted twin cabin interior with huge view windows in all parts of this sport cruiser taken from its sibling the 38 flybridge. The 40s benefits from a slightly higher horsepower from its twin Cummins shaft driven engines that produce 480hp giving the 40s a 35 knot plus top speed. A final innovation feature of the 40S  are the two solar panels integrated in the hard top which charge the batteries during day time without the need of an external generator or shore power.

Azimut have produced a successful cost saving innovation in adapting the flybridge and S range hull sharing to their production line that has attracted clients for both options in strong numbers.

Below are pictures of her big sister the 43S:

Azimut 43SAzimut 43SAzimut 43S

43S Saloon43S HelmAzimut 43S Master Cabin

Check out the Azimut Test Videos at:

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