The new IconCraft 27

As a result of a long and elaborate four-handed project by Marino Alfani and Cédric Labouyrie,  A stunning 7-meters aluminium motorboat, the IconCraft 27 has not gone unnoticed at two of the major boat shows of this season, the Cannes Yachting Festival and the Monaco Yacht Show. “This model has met with a much higher response than expected, so what has been all the fuss about, the WSB team take a closer look at this dynamic new IconCraft.IconCraft 27 The designer Marino Alfani said: “I think this boat is impressive and fascinating for the originality of its contours, which are the result of a long, careful and challenging four-handed design work. Cédric Labouyrie, owner of Icon Craft, and I worked closely together to create a boat designed for young owners who want to experience the sea with freedom, fun and simplicity. Not to mention the importance of the emotions aroused by the extraordinary performance in terms of speed”.IconCraft 27

Alfani is particularly proud of his collaboration with the French shipyard specialised in luxury yachts. “The first contacts with Icon Craft date back to 2015, when Cédric Labouyrie, fascinated by some of the models I had designed for Rio Yachts, asked me to create a whole range for his brand. He gave me great confidence and freedom, while at the same time providing me with a number of suggestions and ideas that over the years have led to a continuous exchange of views and opinions, which has been very interesting and encouraging for both of us”, he explained.IconCraft 27

Today the architect is in his fourth collaboration with the shipyard and soon other models in the range will be available, such as the new IconCraft 34 and IconCraft 38, which are already in the engineering stage. Alfani was responsible for the design of the various models, with the exception of the waterlines, designed by the French naval architect Guilhèm Andre-Heriaud. Among the strengths of the IconCraft 27 design, there is a modern and striking character, due to its neat, taut and bold contours. Particularly noteworthy are the 10 square meters cockpit, which is much larger than average, and a garage for jet skis.

IconCraft 27

For a length of 7.32 meters (for a maximum width of 2.5 meters), this model also presents some solutions usually offered by models with lengths of more than 10 meters, starting with the side panels that can be lowered, allowing the volume of the cockpit to increase considerably. In addition, the synthetic teak floor, a feature that makes it extremely easy to maintain, testifies the designer’s commitment to practicality. The dashboard is centrally located, and the small dinette has a folding table to make room for a sunbathing area.IconCraft 27

According to Alfani, the project was really appreciated for the great chance of customisation. “The total customisation of a boat this size is a winning strategy, which can attract a large share of sailors. Labouyrie has in fact decided to introduce on the shipyard’s website the page ‘configurator’, a function usually associated with the automotive world, through which visitors can freely choose different features for the boat, such as colours, fittings and gadgets, creating an endless combination of possibilities”. As a result, the buyers will have the impression of creating, in collaboration with the shipyard, the ideal boat, tailor-made for them.IconCraft 27

Youth vocation and customisation are also reflected in the choice of the engine, which can be single – with a single-engine of 250 or 350 hp – or double – with two engines with a power between 175 and 250 hp. With the maximum power available it is possible to reach a top speed of 52 knots in the version not equipped with T-Top, while in the version equipped with T-Top the top speed is 48 knots.

Technical Specifications

Overall length 7.32 m

Hull length 6.99 m

Waterline length 6.65 m

Maximum width 2.5 m

Draught 0.485 m

Displacement 2,208 kg

Load displacement 2,800 kg (with jet ski)

Engines 2 Evinrude E-Tec G2 150

Fuel tank capacity 250 L

Water tank capacity 80 L

Maximum capacity of 8 people

CE certification Category C

IconCraft Boats

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