The Super Boat 2015 season is off to a flyer!

This year’s 6th annual Thunder on Cocoa Beach Super Boat Grand Prix gave spectators a front row seat to fierce competition accompanied by heart-dropping roll overs and brutal waters. As a result of talent and exceptional hard work, the CMS 52’ MTI team came out ahead, earning first place in the Superboat Unlimited Class.

Super Boats Cocoa Beach 2015

With last year’s winner, Miss Geico, competing, CMS needed more than just a fast boat to win this year. Along with averaging 82.33 miles per hour in this year’s race and scoring a total of 551 points in the event, the camaraderie among CMS’s team members was incredible.

Super Boats Cocoa Beach 2015

“We had fun with those teams in Key West last year, so we might as well go with them again,” team owner Bob Bull said, “You don’t fix what’s not broken”.

Super Boats Cocoa Beach 2015

STIHL and Twisted Metal Motorsports also ranked first in this year’s events, with Twisted Metal seizing the gold in the Superboat Extreme Class, and STIHL – after overcoming a bumpy start – grasping first place in the Superboat Class.

Super Boats Cocoa Beach 2015
When asked about the rough beginning the team had, STIHL team member JR Noble elaborated on the issues the boat engine was having. “We were basically just out there for a boat ride. It was a tough day all around for a lot of boats, including ours, but I guess if there’s a saving grace to the whole thing, we won the race.” Noble said.


No stranger to the intensity of these races, President and founder of Super Boat International, John Carbonell, was delighted to see the race complemented with the fervent emotion of the crowd.

Super Boats Cocoa Beach 2015

“We’re seeing incredible growth in our fan base, and I think that’s why our competitions are becoming more and more spirited – the fans are inspiring our teams.” Carbonell also congratulated the winning teams, adding that each team deserved to celebrate their accomplishment.

Super Boats Cocoa Beach 2015

If you either missed out on the action or if you just want to re-watch it, visit the live stream link channel to view the race in its entirety at

Super Boats Cocoa Beach 201

Want to catch the next race from the comfort of your couch? Feel free to stream the Marathon Super Boat Grand Prix (July 3rd-5th) at

Super Boats Cocoa Beach 2015

We would also like to give a special thanks to both Fanschoice.TV (SOTW) for assisting in the promotion of this year’s race. Fanschoice.TV was instrumental to pre-event coverage on the race, and SOTW was essential in promoting live coverage of the event. We look forward to working with both organizations in the future.

Super Boats Cocoa Beach 2015

Below is the unofficial list of the top three teams to place in each class. Stay tuned to for the official rankings

Super Boats Cocoa Beach 2015

SuperBoat Unlimited

SuberBoat Extreme
Twisted Metal Motorsports
Lucas Oil Silverhook
Hooters Instigator

WHM Motorsports

SuperBoat Vee
Sun Print

SuperBoat Stock
Talbot Excavating
Reliable Services Group
Papa’s Pilar Rum

Manufacturer Prod P3
The Developer
2nd Amendment

Manufacturer Prod P4
Fast Forward
Christies Photographies
Two Cruel

Superboat views at the ILBC and Super Boat International

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