Einstein takes the power of Feadship Relativity to Fort Lauderdale

Following the tremendous buzz created at the Monaco show by having ‘Albert Einstein’ unveil its latest Future Concept – designed with the genius scientist’s imagined requirements in mind – Feadship is taking the entire Relativity package to the Fort Lauderdale boat show (25-29 October). This will include the detailed model of the boat as well as the actor-turned-Feadship-expert who proved in Monaco that imagination and knowledge do indeed go hand in hand.

Feadship Relativity

The Future Concept is a keenly awaited yearly exploration into the requirements of the next generation of superyacht owners by Feadship’s mercurial designers and naval architects. The first six made global headlines at the speed of light, and a considerable number of the radical ideas first postulated on X-Stream, F-Stream, C-Stream, Aeon, Breathe and Qi have since seen been introduced on Feadships as the brand continues to set new standards in areas such as propulsion and the use of glass.


With its seventh Future Concept, Feadship pushed the window even further by creating a design with a particular ‘client’ in mind. Relativity speculates how Albert Einstein might have used a Feadship to spread his core message of innovation around the planet. By taking the possible desires of a famous person from the past as a template, this 2012 Future Concept allowed Feadship’s designers to zoom in on specific areas in the same way that they do for individual owners and their custom builds in reality.

Feadship Relativity

The concept was unveiled at the Monaco boat show in September and exceptionally well received. “The American actor Patrick McManus makes for an amazingly realistic Einstein lookalike but we never expected him to play the part quite so comprehensively,” admits Feadship’s head of marketing Francis Vermeer. “Patrick took onboard every element of the briefing we gave him prior to the show and was able to explain in great detail the thinking behind Relativity. He visited the Feadship yards to get a true feeling of Feadship quality, then conveyed that knowledge to all whom he encountered in Monaco.


“We are excited to see how visitors to the Fort Lauderdale show will react to this phenomenal Future Concept, which also reflects the fun that owners tell us is at the heart of the Feadship experience.”

Feadship Relativity

Feadship will also have on display a ‘real’ Feadship at FLIBS, namely the 61-metre April Fool. All the group’s directors will also be present as Feadship rounds off a successful year that has once again confirmed its status as the unrivalled leader in luxury custom motoryachts.

Feadship owner views at the ILBC www.worldsportsboatsning.com

Feadship yachts www.feadship.nl

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