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So you would like to be our friend on Facebook? we say, “come and join the fun.” You can check out what the World Sports Boat team are up to and the trips and events that we take part in. You can share your views and opinions on our articles and chat with our friends around the world.

Our Facebook


3 Responses to Our Facebook

  1. Roberto says:

    Keep up the great work, I love the information I get here and through the facebook page 🙂


  2. Andrew Kelly says:

    Hi- i am looking to host an evening event in Dubai on a superyacht. Please can you let me know whether this is possible and if so, do you have any recommendations about hiring one for the day. I expect ~100 guests to attend.



  3. Hi Andrew,
    You could try registering your details at ILBC above and ask the members there to help with your request. Also you could try a number of the charter yacht companies in Dubai who would have many Super Yachts on their books and be able to suggest a Yacht to fit your needs.
    If you would like to have a more detailed discussion please contact us on the above contact tab, under the Home tab.
    Good Luck
    WSB Team


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