X-Power 33C Launch

On the 16th January, the all-new X-Power 33C sports cruiser will make its world debut. This is a  historical moment for X-Yachts, starting a new chapter in the company’s history. X-Yachts is predominantly known for its range of sailing yachts. The launch of the 33C marks a positive and exciting new direction for the company. 

CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen stated “Already on the way out of the fjord in the X-Power 33C, we noticed a long list of really positive features, such as low noise level and an almost non-vibrational experience of the engine rotations.

X-Yachts X-Power 33CHowever, to be honest, we were surprised that this continued for full speed of the boat, and that we hit top speed close to 40 knots still being able to drink coffee without spilling, while the V8 engine was spinning from the aft. It also pleased me to see that the boat is incredibly beautiful on the water”.

X-Yachts X-Power 33CX-Yachts is confident that the new powerboat range will be well received.  The first model will be produced with an inboard engine, a patented petestep® designed hull making the driving experience smooth and elegant.

X-Yachts X-Power 33C

Petestep Hull

In the production of X-Power 33C, X-Yachts will use the patented Petestep® technology that results in a more comfortable and fuel-efficient boat ride.


No more clatter in waves! Because Petestep® hulls don’t have any horizontal flat surfaces that smash the water under the hull, the biggest source of hull noise is removed. This makes Petestep® hulls create a lot less noise from waves, which significantly adds to the comfort of the ride.

More stable

Petestep® hulls increase stability, both at speed and at the dock. At zero speed, Petestep® hulls have a wider footprint that makes the boat less prone to heeling. When at speed, the deflectors stabilise the boat, once again contributing to a better ride.


Petestep® hulls reduce resistance by removing friction and reducing energy waste. Up to 35% less energy is required to propel the boat forward, which could lead to significantly lower fuel consumption at a comparable level of comfort.


Conventional spray rails with their flat surfaces are associated with hard landings. Petestep® deflectors, on the other hand, dampen landings and lowers slamming by up to 50%, resulting in unmatched ride comfort.

X-Yachts X-Power 33CThe 33C promises an intuitive operating experience, eliminating the need for a user manual, enabling everyone to run the boat feeling at ease and in control with central information at hand. The driving panel will be a light experience with integrated navigation and operating systems.

X-Yachts X-Power 33C InteriorThe X-Yachts yard in Denmark continues to develop and produce luxury performance cruiser sailing yachts alongside their new production of motorboats.

X-Yachts X-Power 33C InteriorAlthough most of the space on the 33c is up top as expected from the open day boat design, down below we expect could accommodate up to 4 guests in reasonable comfort for its size. An owners cabin is tucked up into the bow with adequate sleep over storage.

X-Yachts X-Power 33C Interior

Connected to the owner’s cabin you will find the main bathroom which we would expect to have the usual amenities. Then depending on the galley/dining seating area you may see an additional option for a double berth conversion or you may find a neatly design double berth that tucks under the mid-deck area, which is a common solution at this size of cruiser.

X-Yachts X-Power 33C Interior

As the first X-Power model takes to the water on the 16th of January, a second X-Power closed model is planned for launch in September, and the yard has planned another X-Power model to launch in January 2023 but no details have yet to be seen on the size or scope of the that X-power model.

X-Yachts X-Power 33CX-Yachts launching the X-Power range is a positive and welcomed move by the company. The 33C  encompasses over 40 years of experience in yacht design and sets solid foundations from which the X-Power range can expand.

X-Power Powerboats

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