An Oscar for the New Agapi 950

Agapi 950 is a high performance, lightweight and fuel efficient family boat that fits a modern boating life. Agapi combines the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) concept with an innovative and intelligent Swedish design. This has resulted in a boat that opens up a new dimension of freedom. A well thought through design, production and logistics, coupled with high fuel efficiency means a significantly lower cost of ownership compared to many of their closest competitors, so Agapi say. The WSB team take a closer look at this super rib.

Agapi 950
Agapi 950 is built with lightweight materials and carbon fiber which results in a very light boat and lower fuel consumption. The 950 is available with single and double outboard engines or with an inboard engine. RIB technology makes the 950 safe, fun to drive and easy to handle regardless of the weather and speed. With its 32 feet the boat is perfect for the open sea and its unique sea performance remains untouched even fully loaded, which means up to 12 people.

Agapi 950
Agapi 950 can be towed by a SUV, such as the BMW X5 or Audi Q7. Boat and trailer have been developed to fit each other so putting the 950 in and out of the water is surprisingly simple which opens up great opportunities to discover new waters. The trailer further contributes to bring all boat-related costs down, such as no need for hull painting, no need for summer berth and facilitates winter storage.

Agapi 950
An intelligent and modern Swedish design has created a unique boat with an extraordinary seaworthiness, low fuel consumption, large social areas, six beds, toilet, kitchenette, sunbeds offering the comfort needed for your boating vacation.

Agapi owner views at the ILBC and Agapi

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