The 2013 WSB “Boat of the Year” is announced

It’s that time of year when a winner must emerge and stamp their place in the history books, today is that day. When you cast an eye over the 12 contenders and the attributes each bring to the competition, its hard to judge from afar an out right winner, it’s not until you start looking under the skin, at the design, the function and the innovation into the contenders, do you start to see the true differences emerge.

Windy 45 Chinook

The old-time saying of “looks can be deceiving” certain rein true, none more so than casting an eye over the 12 finalists and it is with a fair bow of acknowledgement to our loyal visitors that we asked for the democrat vote to decide a true winner.  The 2013 BOTY competition has proved without doubt our most successful year of acknowledgement from the industry and from our loyal visitors who come back time after time to show their support,  producing over 5000 votes in 2013. So a big thank you to all that took part.

Windy 45 Chinook

So it’s with great pleasure that we can now announce the World Sports Boats official “Boat of the Year” for 2013 goes to Windy boats for their Windy 45 Chinook. We believe as do our visitors that Windy have produced an award-winning formula in the 45 Chinook covering all the aspects of a true sports cruiser. Design, desire, innovation, functionality, practicality and that magic word “fun” are just some of the words that are encapsulated by the Windy 45 Chinook.

Windy 45 Chinook

The World Sports Boats team would like to congratulate Windy on this great achievement and to our visitors for their acknowledgement of the worthy winner, the Windy 45 Chinook. Windy owner views can be shared at the ILBC.

Our last word is the 2014 “Boat of the Year” has already started, so keep an eye on the contenders each month that the WSB team select for voting at the end of the year.

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