Braveheart in Bavaria’s Highline Editions

Bavaria has announced the Highline editions across the range following on from the success of the Sport 39 “Highline” Edition, the Sport 35 and 35 HT as well as the Sport 44 and 44 HT can now also be ordered as a “Highline”-Editions. These new special editions ares equipped with unique features and an extended standard configuration, and are aimed at a competitive market price to lure interest. The WSB team takes a closer look into the detail of the new features available.

Bavaria SP35-HT

Among the new Highline exterior features, customers will find an exclusive gel coat color for the hull, extended bathing platform, teak in the cockpit as well as on the side decks, underwater spot lights and a LED lighting package in the cockpit. The high quality colored upholstery is available in two exclusive colors: Carbon-White/Anthracite and Diamond-Taupe/Carbon.

Highline range

Below the deck there is unique equipment. Besides a Fusion sound system, an interior light package and a high quality worktop with lacquered cabinet doors, there are also two different high quality colored upholsteries available: Leatherette-Main Color Light Beige/Charcoal or Leatherette-Main Color Charcoal/Light Beige.

Bavaria Highline

Pricing ex works for the Sport 35 Highline is EUR 163.500 ex VAT and for the Sport 35 HT Highline it is EUR 178.500 ex VAT. The Sport 44 Highline starts from EUR 257.400 ex VAT, while the price for the Sport 44 HT Highline starts from EUR 277.700 ex VAT.

Bavaria 35 HT HL

The Highline edition offers a competitive price point on the packages with price advantages outweighing the individual cost options, you could say they are learning tricks from the motor industry on packaged options with meaningful marketing hype, however they do make sense.

Bavaria 44 HT HL

Bavaria owner views at the ILBC

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