Tragedy at the 2012 UIM Class One Offshore Power Boat Gabon Grand Prix

Friday, 13 July, LIBREVILLE (Gabon): Officials of the UIM are deeply shocked and saddened to announce the tragic news of the death of pilot William Nocker from England following a racing accident during race one of the Gabon Grand Prix, round 2 of the Class 1 World Powerboat Championship.

Co-pilot Kurt Olsen from Norway remains in a critical condition in intensive care. The pilots of boat number 9, Welmax, representing the Welmax Offshore Racing Team, were involved in a high-speed crash on lap four of the race taking place in Libreville on the estuary of the Gabon River.

Class1 offshore GP power boat - Welmax 9

The race was red flagged as safety personnel immediately attended to both pilots at the scene. They were subsequently transferred by ambulance to Omar Bongo Ondimba Military Hospital, where all efforts to resuscitate William Nocker were in vain.

Class1 offshore GP power boat - Welmax 9

The Welmax Offshore Racing Team and officials of the UIM and H2O Racing pass on their deepest condolences to the family of William Nocker. As a mark of respect to the pilots and families, the event organisers cancelled sunday’s race and all event activities.

The UIM has launched an immediate investigation into the accident.

One Comment on “Tragedy at the 2012 UIM Class One Offshore Power Boat Gabon Grand Prix

  1. Very sad news indeed, such a great sporting spectacle to watch but also a very dangerous sport travelling at the speeds these boats do. thoughts are with the families.


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