Superboats in Sarasota Florida put on a big show

Another sun filled, performance packed, Super Boat International weekend, crowned 7 winners in the fleet of 41 boats for the running of the 30th Annual Suncoast Superboat Grand Prix this past weekend. All the class winners included Two Cruel (P4), Black Pearl (P3), The Hulk (Superstock), Sun Print (Superboat Vee), Team STIHL (Superboat), Team Instigator (Superboat Extreme) and Miss GEICO (Superboat Unlimited).  The WSB team were lucky to be ring side to take in the action.

Super Boats

This year’s event was a milestone for the City of Sarasota and Super Boat International (SBI). In its 30th year, Super Boat still wows the crowd with one of the biggest holiday parades in the State of Florida and the Sunday finale of the world’s fastest offshore race boats. Suncoast Children’s Charities continues to raise record amounts and SBI delivers one of the largest professional boat races in the United States.

Super Boats

President of SBI, John Carbonell, expands on the success of the event, “This was an all around group effort for another successful event. From the local group and volunteers, to our staff and the race teams that put on a great show, it was just a terrific weekend. Two of our larger teams, Team Envy and Spirit of Qatar, showed their commitment by bringing all their equipment and their largest boats to the event and they didn’t even race.”

Super Boats

Their choice would have been to race; but for new equipment and long lead-times on parts, their teams and equipment were not quite ready to run safe and competitive races. Chris Cox, owner of Team Envy commented, “ I just wanted my team to have fun, even knowing we weren’t going to race. Also, we wanted to show our commitment to SBI and the wonderful Sarasota people for their efforts.”

Super Boats

The Spirit of Qatar was committed to doing the same, knowing their engine package would not be ready for race day. It’s teams like those and the competing teams that showcase the true professionalism of Superboat racers.

Super Boats

Team Cleveland Construction experienced an unfortunate accident with a rollover in turn one early in the race. The quick response of the Super Boat rescue team assisted the racers on-scene and, fortunately, both driver and throttleman were uninjured.

Super Boats

Each class of racing saw some very competitive action on the course. The Superboat class with 7 entries is always a very close battle with Team Broadco and WHM Motorsports on the heels of Team STIHL all race long. The Superboat Stock class, another class with 7 entries that always keeps the fans on their feet, has seen The Hulk rise to the top with two wins after three races.

Super Boats

30th Annual Suncoast Superboat Grand Prix Festival Top 3 (Full List Of Results)

Superboat Unlimited:

  1. Miss Geico
  2. Lucas Oil Silverhook
  3. Spirit of Qatar

Superboat Extreme:

  1. Instigator
  2. Twisted Metal


  1. STIHL
  2. Broadco
  3. WHM Motorsports

Superboat Vee:

  1. Sun Print
  2. Sarasota Ford
  3. JD Byrider

Superboat Stock:

  1. The Hulk
  2. World of Beer
  3. Joyland / SOS Venezula

Manufacturer P3:

  1. Black Pearl
  2. The Developer
  3. 2nd Amendment

Manufacturer P4

  1. Two Cruel
  2. In Tone Crazy Chicken
  3. Rum Runners

SuperBoat fan views at the ILBC

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